Want a job as a marketing professor?

Listen up. Doctoral students and post-docs hoping to score an assistant professor job in marketing will soon be headed to the AMA’s Summer Educator Conference. There they will participate in a round of short interviews in which they present their research. Dan Goldstein of Decision Science News has some advice for aspiring marketing professors. Read […]

The Sweater Vest Hall of Fame

The Sweater Vest Hall of Fame

In my role as scholar (not adventurer), I often wear a sweater vest. The nice folks at Future-ish have further encouraged me to rock the vest by putting me on their Stylish Scientist List. Can you believe that? Even The Onion likes the vest (as much as The Onion can like anything): All this got […]

Behavioral Decision Research in Management - in London

Behavioral Decision Research in Management – in London

The Behavioral Decision Research in Management conference (BDRM) begins tomorrow – in London. And I will be there getting my nerd on. BDRM is the leading conference for behavioral research conducted in business schools. BDRM is held biennially and brings together the best of behavioral research within, but not limited to, the areas of consumer […]

Welcome me to LinkedIn's publishing platform

Welcome me to LinkedIn’s publishing platform

Quick post today. I was invited to join LinkedIn’s new publishing platform. You might be sick of hearing about it by now, but I used the opportunity to (re)post my op-ed about humor in organizations Hope you like it (again). An excerpt: Humor isn’t part of most mission statements. Organizations are busy with the serious […]