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How nostalgia makes you disatisfied with your stuff

Does nostalgia make you dissatisfied with the things that you own? Do you wish that things should be made like they were in the old days? Before answering that question, take a look at the following video. Which car are you safer in: a 1959 Chevy or a 2009 Chevy?    

Meet the man who invented “Bow-chicka-bow-WOW!”

  Jordan Brady (Image credit: Luke Reznor) As part of our global expedition exploring what makes things funny, we’re grilling humorists about the science behind scoring laughs. (Previously published on You’ve likely spotted Jordan Brady in small roles on television shows like Baywatch, Dream On, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and Who’s the Boss? Or […]

Does the color pink hurt anti-cancer campaigns?

I visited Erasmus University as part of my sabbatical. While there, I interviewed some of the faculty about their research. Here is the first interview, where I asked Marketing Professor Stefano Putoni about his research on gender identity. The question: Does the color pink hurt anti-cancer campaigns? (Apologies for my loud voice.) Stefano’s research highlights […]

Free research idea: Optical illusions and humor

Free research idea: Optical illusions and humor

On occasion, I will post a research idea that I don’t have time to pursue. Here is the first. I was recently visiting my friend, Marcel Zeelenberg (a man who knows how to live). He showed me this optical illusion: Marcel was quite pleased and thought the image was funny. I believe that optical illusions […]

Things don’t go viral (except for viruses)

Things don’t go viral (except for viruses)

You have heard the stories about viral videos that receive millions of views. One part of those stories, however, is not true. Things don’t go viral the way that viruses that do. .…………………………..Not the way it happens Academics, business people, and the man on the street commonly believe that interesting information will spread like a […]