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Another Benign Violation: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s most successful bits on his late night show is Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. The title is self-explanatory. You can watch the full bit here. What makes watching celebrities read horrible, detestable, and vulgar tweets about themselves so amusing? According to the Benign Violation Theory, humor arises when something is wrong yet […]

Repost: Humor and haunted houses

Are you visiting a haunted house in the couple weeks? I’ve observed two kinds of comedy associated with haunted houses: You observe people being scared and then laugh about it. You laugh at people’s reactions to being scared. Both seem to be happening here. Check out more here. Alf Lamont, a friend and supporter of […]

The Humor Code’s Slate series revisited: No, men are not funnier than women. (#10)

After traveling the world and meeting people at the front-lines of comedy, Joel Warner and I were curious about gender differences in humor: So where did this notion that men are funnier than women come from? Maybe it’s simply because comedy, from the vaudeville scene of the early 20th century to stand-up today, has traditionally […]