One response to “I take it back.”

  1. Chenghui Jiang

    Dear Dr. Peter McGraw,

    I am very interested in humor research, despite only being a high school senior. I never knew it existed until I searched up “what makes comedy funny?” in Google. I think there is a very good chance that people can learn to become more humorous. I believe that “naturally” humorous people have grown up in an environment where jokes are encouraged. Learning to be funny comes from being surrounded by people who are willing to laugh at jokes and make jokes themselves.

    I enjoy watching a show called “Gag Concert” where a bunch of comedians perform skits. Every week, only the content of the skits change, but the overall setting doesn’t. Since Gag Concert is in another language, I thought about the jokes that got lost in the translation, and the ones that still made sense. Since the show has a clapping audience, I noticed that I sometimes laughed at the jokes that the audience didn’t find funny. I thought that was really interesting, and am currently writing an essay examining how a particular skit takes from different texts and displays a blatant contrast between the two.

    If it is possible, I would love to discuss more about humor psychology because I am fascinated by it!